Aluminum Alloy, AA 3003-H22 Diamond Plates - Tread Brite

Aluminium Alloy 3003 Tread Plate

Excellent at resisting moisture and strong for its light weight. Diamond Tread pattern is slip-resistant and cosmetically appealing for hundreds of decorative applications. Available in a brilliant, high polished, reflective shine..

Applications of AA3003 Tread Plates

Aluminium Alloy 3003 tread plates can be used primarily for Diamond plate flooring, wall panels, counter tops, dance floor, floor tile, tool boxes, truck bed, fire engines, ambulances and thousands more!

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Other Alumiunium Alloys

We offer a variety of Aluminium chequred sheet / tread plate. Different alloys offer a range of weldability, machinability and resistance to corrosion.

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